The community radio initiative by SUPRATIVA at Sakhipara, Sambalpur, Odisha (India) is serving communities of interest groups located in its vicinity. The Community Radio Station, Radio Hirakhand 90.8FM started in 2018, it broadcasts contents that are popular and relevant to local and specific audience. The station is exclusively operated, owned and influenced by the communities they serve.

The station airs programme on themes like livelihood and skill development, education and learning, health and nutrition, agriculture, human rights, good governance, environment and climate change, disaster management, science popularization, folk entertainment etc.



Sambalpur in Odisha (India) is a region that has a distinct cultural identity. The songs, clothing, dances, language and festivals celebrated in Sambalpur are unique. This distinct cultural identity arises from the strong association of the tribal and folk communities coexisting in Sambalpur.

Radio Hirakhand broadcasts from Sambalpur city which is the biggest city and commercial capital of western Odisha (India), having 78803 households and 335761 populations. Our radio signal is crystal clear and people living in Sambalpur city and some parts of Dhankauda, Maneswar and Jujumara Blocks can also catch our signal efficiently.


We are working on these charitable projects that had put impact on the society

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Impact of our Activities on the society


The folk genre of music is played in a Kendara and is known as Kendara Gita. The instrument gained popularity during 12th century. But now-a-days this traditional music instrument is on the verge of extinction. It is hardly played by kendara Badak. Shri Dukhabandhu who has been playing Kendara for last 40 years was invited to our studio. He not only played music, Kendara Gita but also narrated grieve of his difficult and miserable life. He was deprived of all the basic amenities of life because of his no other source of income than just playing kendara and begging for money. This interview with him reached out to many people including the Government authorities and now Shri Dukhabandhu is going to get monthly stipend from government which will change his lifestyle and help him gain back his confident on his talent as an artist.


This is a program to empower urban poor people for an inclusive city. The program highlighted the problems faced by the stakeholders like domestic workers concerning their identity, wages and social security; the livelihood problems faced by the street vendors concerning permanent space for vending, registration for identity and necessary entitlement to social justice and minimum wage along with all other entitlements related to their social security and Government sponsored privileges. The focus was exclusively on presentation of pertinent problems by primary stakeholders and the experts, inputs for remedial measure and for redressal of grievances.


This is a story of Bishnu Majhi who is a very poor person and living his life as a beggar in Sambalpur. The money that he earns by begging is used to support his family. In an accident Bishnu had lost his right hand and became unable to work. According to him, he has not got any support from the District Administration. There is a special programme launched by the Department of Social Security and Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Government of Odisha in which his rehabilitation is possible. Besides, under thew Integrated Child Protection Scheme, the children of Bishnu can be rehabilitated through different Child Care Institutions. Our team is making a special story on Bishnu and trying to attract the attention of the authorities for his support.


Mr. Rajendra Satnami started ‘Nisulka Sikhya Kendra’ in Sambalpur which aims to make supplementary teaching accessible to the children of poor economic background. But not being financially well equipped for making free education possible for vast number of students he was not able to carry forward his initiative in an appreciable manner. Since our Radio Hirakhand keeps on addressing and appreciating the extraordinary works of common people of the community who try to contribute to the betterment of the society and community in general, invited Rajendra for an interview in our Community Radio Station which could influence other community members from his story and ask them to provide moral and financial support for the betterment of poor children. This radio programme got a great response from people and they started supporting children’s education by donations and promotions which contributed to the growth of this noble mission.